Federico Chiesa is undoubtedly a class player, no one can argue with that. However, there are numerous reasons why Juventus should consider biting the bullet and sell the 26-year-old.

For starters, Chiesa is injury-prone and not a player who can be relied upon to play the majority of games in a season, certainly not based on his time in Turin. Then there is his adaptability to how Max Allegri sets his team up; Chiesa simply does not fit in that well.

If you then add in the sort of money that could be realised by selling Chiesa and what Juventus could do with that money in the summer transfer window, you have a bunch of compelling reasons why selling Chiesa could be a good move for Juve.

Some will argue that if Allegri departs and a new manager comes in, we will see a different Chiesa. But there is absolutely no guarantee of that. What if Juve hires someone like Jose Mourinho or Antonio Conte? Would Chiesa do any better under them?

And even if Juve replaces Allegri with a more attack-minded manager, there is still the issue of Chiesa’s injury record. Can he really be relied upon? Wouldn’t it be better to bring in someone sturdier and more likely to play more often?

As stated above, Chiesa is a class player. But for the money we would get by selling him, regardless of who the manager is, surely the club would be better off investing in a more reliable player?