Juventus beat several clubs to sign Paul Pogba in the summer as a free agent, but has he been worth it?

The Frenchman was injury-prone in his last few months as a player for Manchester United, yet Juve made him one of the highest earners.

The midfielder has still not made a competitive debut for them since the move was completed and now it seems a big mistake to have brought him back.

Having signed some injury-prone players in the past, one would expect Juve to know a move for Pogba did not make so much sense.

Calciomercato has criticised the transfer claiming “it did not take a degree in economics to understand that the arrival of players like Di Maria and above all Pogba entailed more risks than advantages.”

Adding: “It was necessary to have the gaze turned elsewhere and the attention on who knows what not to realise that in the last three seasons Pogba had gone through an endless series of vicissitudes athletic in nature and suffered repeatedly from the knee troubles that forced him to intervene last October.”

Juve FC Says

Moving for Pogba was a bad decision and we deserve the mockery we are getting now that he cannot play.

He was clearly injury-ravaged at United and one reason the English club did not fight so hard to keep him was that he is not worth it.

They will celebrate in Manchester that we have inherited their problems now and it is embarrassing that Pogba is still out.