Juventus’ managerial spot remains an open debate as they look to replace Max Allegri in the coming weeks.

The Bianconeri have pencilled in Thiago Motta as their choice of manager to replace their sacked former coach.

Motta has done well at Bologna, and Juventus is confident he can make them a good team again if he becomes the manager.

The men in black and white have enjoyed how his team plays and would love to see that approach from the new Bianconeri side.

However, Bologna also wants him to stay and lead their team in the Champions League next term.

Motta is under pressure to decide on his future and has said he will give an answer in the coming days.

Although Juve is confident they will secure him as their manager, there is a chance he might decide to stay at Bologna.

If that happens, a report on Tuttojuve claims the Bianconeri will turn to Roberto De Zerbi, who is now their plan B.

He just announced his departure from Brighton at the end of this season and might favour a return to Serie A as Juve’s manager.

Juve FC Says

De Zerbi and Motta are similar managers, but Motta has done a better job, having qualified Bologna for the Champions League.

Making De Zerbi our next coach could mean changing our style of play and probably also signing too many new players.