Juventus have been linked with Simone Inzaghi for the soon to be vacant managers role, however his assistant confirms no contact has been made.

Max Allegri will be leaving the club after next weeks final match against Sampdoria while parts of the Italian press have linked Lazio coach Inzaghi to the Juventus bench.

“It’s very simple. Simone has a profile that Juve like, and there were already links before,” his assistant Massimiliano Farris told Diretta Sport Viterbo.

“Today all the newspapers are putting Inzaghi in pole position. What I can tell you is that to date there’s been no contact.

“My personal consideration is this: I don’t think Juve could’ve ended their relationship with Allegri without having another Coach lined up.

“Therefore, I believe the choice can fall back on him or that it will fall on someone else.

“It’s clear that he finds their interest a pleasure. We had lunch with families at Formello, where the President also talked to Simone.

“I then had no way of talking to him, but the fact there’s a contract and the absolute will of the President to reiterate Simone is untouchable and that he wants to prolong their relationship, I believe, is a good omen for him staying.”