Sky Sports Alessandro Bonan has cast doubt over Juventus’ chance of making progress in the Europa League as they face Nantes in the competition tomorrow.

The black and whites have not been in good shape during European nights and were dismal in the first leg against the French club.

The return match offers them a chance to deliver a better performance, but Nantes would have the home advantage, making life hard for Juve.

It does not entirely eliminate the chance of the black and whites winning the game, but Bonan is not so confident in them after watching the first leg.

He says via Tuttomercatoweb:

“It is possible that he will succeed but as far as I see in the first leg it seems to me a very complicated task. I am much more possibilist about Rome, which I believe can eliminate Salzburg”.

Juve FC Says

After failing to win the first leg at home, it is hard to be optimistic about our chances of qualifying for the next round of the Europa League.

However, that shouldn’t bother our players, instead, it should inspire them to deliver one of their best performances in recent weeks.