Leonardo Bonucci has been implicated in the gambling scandal that has swept through Italian football and affected Nicolo Fagioli.

Reports suggest that Bonucci was aware of Fagioli’s gambling addiction as of last season but failed to report it to the authorities. This could potentially lead to consequences for the defender as there may be an obligation to report such activities.

However, sources close to Bonucci have denied his involvement in the case, and the defender is eager to clear his name of any wrongdoing.

Tuttojuve quotes the source saying:

“What was reported this morning in particular media outlets is seriously damaging to his professional image and personal reputation and that for this reason will intend to protect itself in the appropriate places.”

Juve FC Says

It is easy to make Bonucci a scapegoat because he has recently been in the news for the wrong reason.

However, we will not allow this to be much of a problem for us because the defender is no longer our employee.

We will do our best to help Fagioli because he is one of ours, but he also knows he will likely pay for his actions.