Juventus has been in several legal battles recently and as the Prisma investigation draws to a close, there are fears that they might be in serious trouble.

The black and whites have not been very straightforward in their financial dealings in the past and one of the most suspicious transfers is the deal that took Leonardo Spinazzola to AS Roma while Luca Pellegrini moved the other way.

In a wiretap, Federico Cherubini seems to have reservations about the agreement, which valued Spinazzola at €29.5m and Pellegrini at €22m.

A report on Football Italia claims the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office is now looking into the transaction to see if there is some falsehood in it.

Juve FC Says

Clubs are allowed to value their players how they like and it is hard to determine the true value of any player.

Authorities are working hard on a case that they might struggle to win and we need to just have a good defence.

The verdict, in this case, will affect a lot of things in Italian football and other clubs are likely to fall victim too.

Max Allegri has done a great job of ensuring his players stay focused on what they need to do on the pitch and we expect them to keep winning matches.