Juventus is in hot water because they are believed to have falsified their accounts and could face charges.

Their former president and his board of directors have all resigned and now the Bianconeri will look to build from scratch.

It is not an ideal situation and they are in a very tough position at the moment as they try to ensure they remain in business and turn the focus away from their troubles.

The Bianconeri have been implicated in several dealings, but the Italian sports minister insists it is just the tip of the iceberg because other clubs are also involved in the mess.

Andrea Abodi said via Football Italia: “The Juventus situation is just the tip of the iceberg of a phenomenon that we cannot ignore.

“Juventus probably aren’t the only ones, it is time for us to sort this out and go to have a closer look, because there are clubs who are behaving correctly and others who, evidently, interpreted the rules in a rather different way.”

Juve FC Says

As one of the biggest clubs in the world, our involvement in the case will make a good headline, so news outlets have made us look terrible in the eye of the public.

It is great that the minister is making it clear there is more to it than meets the eye and we need to remain steadfast in defending ourselves against these allegations.