The sports minister in Italy, Andrea Abodi, insists we need to know why Juventus has been punished after the Bianconeri were docked 15 points for their use of capital gains.

It is a punishment that has affected the Bianconeri immediately and they will now struggle to finish this season in the European spots.

One question being asked by fans and pundits is why other clubs involved with the black and whites in the capital gains haven’t been punished as well.

One way to make this clear is to reveal the real reason Juve has been docked this many points and Abodi also wants to know.

He said via Tuttomercatoweb:

Decisions are known unlike the reasons, which represent a fundamental element. I think everyone needs to know them, in all contexts, explaining is as important as deciding. I too, respecting the roles that everyone must have clearly, look forward to the reasons for this decision.”

Juve FC Says

We need clarity over such an important decision as it affects us greatly and the reason for the deduction will also help us to decide how to appeal.

The prosecutors who reopened the case and decided it was worth deducting points from us must be able to explain how they came about the decision.