Stefano Capozucca, the former sporting director of Cagliari, has shared his perspective on the ongoing dilemma surrounding Max Allegri’s future at Juventus. Despite Juventus not winning any trophies in the last two seasons, the club’s board appears to support Allegri, and he is likely to remain as manager for the upcoming campaign.

While some fans may call for Allegri’s dismissal, others, including Capozucca, believe that his track record of success should earn him respect and support. Capozucca acknowledges that Allegri, like Jose Mourinho, may not employ a style of play that is universally considered beautiful, but their ability to consistently achieve positive results is what matters in the world of football.

Ultimately, Capozucca’s viewpoint highlights the contrasting opinions surrounding Allegri’s management style and the importance placed on winning in the sport.

He said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“Allegri and Mourinho have their own history. They have won, maybe with not-so-exciting football. However, in football, winning is what matters, and both of them have done it. I don’t find it fair to criticize them.”

Juve FC Says

Winning is all that matters in football and the reason Allegri has come under fresh fire recently is that we are not winning matches as much as we should.

If we start winning trophies again, the tone of everyone will change. This is why we need to focus on returning to winning ways.