AC Milan manager Stefano Pioli has aimed a sly dig at Juventus and Max Allegri, who constantly claim they are not in the title race.

The Bianconeri are at the top of the league standings and are one of the two best clubs this season so far.

Max Allegri’s men have been doing very well, but each time, the manager reiterates that their target is to finish inside the top four.

The club’s directors also echo this and it seems like a deliberate effort to ensure the team is not under too much pressure to win.

Juve has the quality to be league champions and has shown this in the last few weeks. They will keep getting better as they are not playing in Europe.

But Juve’s attempts to deny that they are not looking to be champions have been mocked by Pioli, who said, as quoted by Football Italia:

“This victory is what we wanted. We hadn’t won two consecutive [Serie A] games for two months.

“We must aim for the top and we need consistency to do so. Those who say they do not aim for the top [of the table] is because they haven’t been there for years.”

Juve FC Says

We do not have to be in the title race to win it; what we need is consistently good performances, and our players just need to give their best in every fixture.