Andrea Agnelli has been disgraced out of office as the Juventus president because of the illegal financial moves he made in the last few seasons.

He is arguably Juventus’ best president in living memory, considering the success the club achieved under him in sporting terms.

However, he probably went too far in his quest to bring success to Turin and it has caused problems now, even though the club denies any wrongdoing.

Investigators have a pile of evidence stacked against the Bianconeri in an account falsification case and a statement by Agnelli shows they deliberately bit more off than they can chew.

In a minute summary in April 2020, the former Bianconeri president said, as quoted by Calciomercato:

“We have lived beyond our means to become number 1. Great risks taken”.

Juve FC Says

One thing we cannot says about Agnelli is that he did not do his best for Juventus. As every human is, he is not perfect, but even in his imperfections, he wanted the best for the club.

He will live in our memory as a man who ensured the club did well and its players were happy no matter what happened.

We just need to get past this legal trouble and focus on football as the new leadership takes over from the former board of directors.