Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid, the remaining supporters of the European Super League are back in court to fight for the future of the competition.

The Super League idea was floated by 12 clubs last year, but it collapsed a few hours after fans rejected it and protests broke out around the world.

However, the three remaining supporters of the idea are not giving up after staking a lot of their reputation on it.

Corriere Dello Sport reports that they were back in court yesterday for two days as their lawyers try to give their idea some life.

The report says the Super League lawyers accused UEFA of monopolising football on the European continent.

One of them said:

“UEFA governs football with an iron fist and will never authorize any project that jeopardize its monopoly. For many decades, all attempts at alternative football projects have been blocked from the beginning by UEFA, while other sports have developed over time.”

Juve FC Says

A monopoly is bad even in football and the Super League fight is a just cause.

However, the fans are also unhappy with the idea and that means the proponents will still struggle to find acceptance from the public even if they win the court case.

They missed an important chance to make the idea stick when they made it a closed shop immediately. Fans will hardly trust them now.