The CEO of A22, Bernd Reichart, the company tasked with ensuring the European Super League succeeds, has launched a fresh attack on UEFA.

Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the clubs that have continued supporting the idea and are convinced it will succeed.

The protagonists are backing Reichart’s firm to help get the decisions in their favour at the European court.

They are also keen to drum up public support from individuals and clubs around the continent and do not miss a chance to talk badly about UEFA.

In his latest attack, he said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“Many in football say that innovations are not possible within ECA and UEFA due to the monopoly position. The conflict of interest, the accumulation of roles that UEFA plays inhibits development. You cannot make suggestions without UEFA threatening sanctions. Clubs are not free to organize themselves”.

Juve FC Says

The Super League supporting clubs are working very hard to make the idea succeed and we can understand, considering how much they have lost to get this far.

However, the public must accept it before it can become a success and that approval is lacking now.

Juve was one of the leading clubs when Andrea Agnelli was its president and it would be interesting to see if the new leaders support it.