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Swedish media slams Agnelli over Super League on Juventus’ visit

September 15, 2021 - 1:15 pm

Swedish media took a swipe at Andrea Agnelli as Juventus visited Malmo for their Champions League match last night.

Agnelli and the presidents of Real Madrid and Barcelona remain keen on revamping football and putting more power in the hands of the clubs.

They formed the European Super League earlier in the year to rival the Champions League.

They had support from nine other clubs, including six from the Premier League, but the idea was dead on arrival.

Fans all over the world protested against it as the founding members would be immune from being relegated from the 20-team competition, according to their idea.

While all the English clubs and some others from Spain and Italy have withdrawn their membership of the new competition, Juve, Barca and Madrid remain keen on bringing the idea to life.

Swedish media slammed Agnelli as the ringleader of the idea that wants to take merit out of the game and shut out smaller nations.

One of the country’s major outlet, Aftonbladet wrote as quoted by Calciomercato: “The 45-year-old president of Juventus is the main representative of the so-called Superlega. He wants to build moats around the building to which only the richest should have access, he wants to make smaller football nations are irrelevant and argues that the football audience of tomorrow does not have the patience to watch more than 15 minutes of such a match.

“What was he doing here? His model of football is not played here. In the end it is managed to wipe away an unsightly and annoying speck of dust from his jacket and leave Sweden behind “.

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