Alessio Tacchinardi says Andrea Agnelli moved all in to sign Dusan Vlahovic, just as he did when he brought Cristiano Ronaldo to Turin.

Vlahovic is expected to become a Juve player in a matter of days after he agreed to leave Fiorentina this month.

The 21-year-old is the leading striker in Serie A now and he would help Juve solve their goal-scoring problems.

Alvaro Morata and Moise Kean haven’t been in top form and that is one reason Juve is still not inside the Serie A’s top four.

In 2018, Agnelli wanted to win the Champions League, and he signed Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

Former Juve man, Tacchinardi insists it is just the same bold decision he has made to get Vlahovic through the door.

He tells La Stampa via Tuttojuve: “The president moved all-in like when he bought Cristiano Ronaldo. Goals are Vlahovic’s guarantee. 

“The last time I saw a purchase so capable of shifting the balance in January was that of Davids, from Milan to Juventus.”

Juve FC Says

Sometimes you need to be bold when making moves in the transfer market, and Agnelli is no stranger to being courageous.

With Vlahovic in the group, we could be in for a really great time in this second half of the season.

The Serbian already knows Serie A very well and the transition from Fiorentina to Juve should be smooth for him.