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Tacchinardi: ‘Juve sacrificed identity’

February 27, 2020 - 5:52 pm

Ex-Juventus midfielder Alessio Tacchinardi believes the club has lost it’s historical identity in order to play a more beautiful brand of football.

The former Bianconeri player spoke to Radio Sportiva following the clubs 1-0 loss to Lyon in the Champions League and was particularly scathing in his assessment of Adrien Rabiot.

“Rabiot is unpresentable right now, I’m worried because I don’t see a team identity. Before the Super Cup against Lazio, he was doing something, afterwards there was a timid involution.”

Attention turned to the criticism of coach Maurizio Sarri who is under pressure following a series of poor performances.

“I would like to see Sarri with the eyes of the tiger he had in Naples, it almost seems that he doesn’t feel his team.

“But I don’t deny the choice, even I would have taken him last summer. He is the leader of the gang, he must be able to pull out something different from this team, even at the cost of cutting a few heads.

“For now, nothing serious has happened, but if Juventus went out with Lyon it would be a sporting tragedy.

“To make the team play more beautifully, the historical identity of Juventus has been lost.”

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