Alessio Tacchinardi has named Federico Chiesa as a player to make history in Italian football.

The 23 year-old has impressed since making the switch from Fiorentina in the summer, and will no doubt have his loan move made permanent before the two-years of the current terms expire.

Chiesa is most likely the biggest positive to take from our topsy-turvy campaign thus far, thoroughly impressing Juve fans and pundits alike.

He has earned a big fan in Juve legend Tacchinardi also, who believes he will go on to rewrite history with the club in the coming years.

“He has the DNA of my Juve: the same desire to never give up,” Tacchinardi told TuttoSport.

“I had seen Chiesa at San Siro against Inter in his first or maybe second year in Serie A,” he added. “Hissed from all over the stadium after going to the ground a few times. And I said to myself: ‘This is a great player’. First of all, because he is a great athlete, then because he played with that ‘ignorance’, that swagger, that ambition that few have: the greats. And that’s what Juve needs.

“I’ve been there a lot and I saw that those who didn’t have that ambition in black and white didn’t make it and those who did.

“Chiesa off the pitch is humble, you can see that his father has passed on the right values, but in the game he is a hyena. Even speaking after the match against Porto he showed great personality, he is entering the Juve world at 360 degrees and this is helping him.

“We are talking about a boy who will make the history of Italian football.”

Chiesa had some doubters when he joined the Old Lady from La Viola, but nobody will be second-guessing Juventus for their decision to invest in the winger after his impressive rise to importance within the club in such a short time.

Chiesa (along with Cuadrado) are the two names I look for first when the teams are announced, and I can’t wait to see what more the Italian has to offer for both club and country.