Ex-Juventus midfielder Alessio Tacchinardi believes Maurizio Sarri is ready to make the move from Chelsea to coach Juventus.

The former Juve man spoke at length to Radio Bianconera about the upcoming coaching appointment at Juventus and who he believes would fit the role best, starting with Maurizio Sarri and Pep Guardiola.

“They are two profiles that prefer beautiful football, the attacking game, the risk, but they are two very high level profiles,” he told the radio station.

“Maybe they are the best along with Antonio Conte and Jurgen Klopp. The feeling is that they are the right profiles.

“Juve has a strong team, has reached a top level worldwide, but the feeling is that something was missing to make them more enjoyable: The last year was certainly not a ‘beautiful’ Juve, they could certainly do more.

“Allegri won a lot, but there was the feeling that they needed to cut ties. Pep seems difficult at an economic level, in my opinion, Sarri is the right profile. The past doesn’t matter, the feeling is that he can give Juve a good ‘brand’ not only in Italy but also in Europe.

“I think Sarri is ready to coach Juve. Its also stimulating for Ronaldo to have a coach who prefers an offensive mentality. There are all the ingredients to make a spectacular Juve, a winning Juve.

“Was Inter Milan a fallback option for Conte? I don’t know. From what I know, he already spoke with Inter in December. Then the arrival of Marotta removed all doubts. I believe there was an agreement for some months now.

“Sure, its a bit strange (to see Conte at Inter), but it is a profession and it is normal to make choices. Antonio was a great captain, a great coach for Juventus. Its certainly not a good thing for the fans to see him at Inter, but I think it’s added motivation for Juve next season.

“What would Juve look like under Sarri? Miralem Pjanic could do the Jorginho role. In my opinion, its fundamental to change the language, the working methods of the coach. It happened to me too with Lippi, after a few years, its right to change.

“I expect a good striker, but I don’t know if it will be Gonzalo Higuain. It seems like hes no longer a hungry player. Its no coincidence that he did not play the EL final even though Sarri had wanted him at all costs at Chelsea.

“In my opinion, Dybala in the 4-3-3 would be sacrificed, but maybe with an offensive formation he can fit better. I’m curious to see how Sarri will make him play. Sarri, for me, is the top at the moment with Guardiola.

“Similarities between Sarri and Marcelo Lippi? Sarri is a new generation Lippi..the fundamental thing, however, is hunger: Lippi had it, and Sarri also has it, you see that he’s hungry. He is a coach who came from nothing and is as good, as he wants to make up for lost time.

“And he goes into a club that can further improve him. I have always hoped that Sarri would come because he is strong, prepared…Guardiola is good but he wants expensive players. In my opinion, Sarri is the best option for the quality-price-game ratio.”