Former Juventus midfielder Alessio Tacchinardi says Gianluigi Donnarumma should be a Juventus player at the moment and it was a mistake for him to join PSG.

His comments come after reports claim the Bianconeri could still sign him in the January transfer window as he struggles to play for the Parisians.

Juve usually signs the best Italian players from their rival clubs in Serie A and had looked set to sign Donnarumma after it became clear he would leave AC Milan.

For Tacchinardi, that should be the natural order of things, but the Euro 2020 winner went to PSG instead.

The Parisians have a lot of money and that could have contributed to why he joined them, but as he struggles to play now, the ex-Juve man believes his agent is to blame for the move.

He insists the mistake is not from Juve, even though the Bianconeri stuck with their current options, rather his agent should be blamed.

He told TMW: “Donnarumma regret Juventus? For me it was his natural habitat, the deal had to be done three months ago. Donnarumma is not a starter, the club has spent exorbitant sums also for other players, he always wants to play and so why not Juventus? 

“For me it is a mistake to have sent him there, but it is not Juventus’s mistake but of Juventus. Agent.”