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The amount of money separating Juventus and Dybala revealed

September 16, 2021 - 1:45 pm

Juventus and Paulo Dybala have been in talks over a new contract for a long time now.

Since last season, the club has tried to get him on a new deal but talks haven’t been concluded yet.

One thing that is clear is that both the club and the player want to continue their relationship. However, there has to be an official agreement.

The attacker has attracted the attention of top European clubs for much of the time he has been at Juve and the club could lose him.

He can speak to other clubs from January but he remains keen to stay at Juve with the club agreeing to make him one of their leaders.

Calciomercato insists that the attacker and the club will hold talks over a new contract soon and they hope to reach an agreement.

However, at the moment, they are still apart by 2m euros.

The club is offering him around 7.5 million euros plus two million more in bonuses, but he wants 10m euros plus 2m euros more in bonuses.

There is still some gap between them, but fans will pray the club can keep him after they lost Cristiano Ronaldo in the last transfer window.

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    JP September 16, 2021 at 2:44 pm

    There is no way he can justify that salary. Even 7.5 is too high IMO especially when Lautaro signed for 6M. This is how this team has put itselt into financial problems. They are all self created by overpaying players for much more than they are worth. They should have moved on from him years ago.