Adrien Rabiot’s future appears to be away from Juventus at the moment, as the club struggles to secure the midfielder’s commitment for the future.

Rabiot had signed only a one-year deal at the Allianz Stadium at the end of the last season, making the Frenchman a free agent again in the upcoming months.

While Juventus is eager for him to stay and is prepared to offer a longer-term contract, Rabiot is not in a hurry to make that decision. He believes there is ample time to decide what to do with his future, but Juventus is seeking a prompt decision to determine their position.

Tuttomercatoweb has disclosed some conditions that Juventus might need to meet before Rabiot agrees to stay.

According to the report, Juventus must qualify for the Champions League for Rabiot to even consider extending his contract with them. Additionally, the Frenchman has reportedly enjoyed working with Max Allegri and desires confirmation of the coach’s position for a longer term, amid the current uncertainty surrounding it.

Juve FC Says

Rabiot must not be allowed to hold us to ransom because we want him to stay, and we need to know soon if he will stay or leave the club.