Last night, Juventus bowed out of the Champions League even if they still have one fixture to play against Paris Saint Germain next week.

While exiting Europe’s elite club competition is primarily a sporting blow for the club, it also has major consequences on the balance sheet. After all, this tournament provides its participants with significant revenues.

According to Corriere dello Sport, reaching the Champions League round of 16 would have provided Juventus with at least 30 million euros.

Furthermore, this figure would reach 50 million had the Bianconeri made it to the Semi Finals.

As the source explains, these sums are only related to prize money. One should also add the revenues collected from the box office and merchandises.

To make matters worse, Juventus have only registered one win of out of five matches thus far. So they were only able to gain 2.8 millions out of 14M possible from win bonuses.

While the club will try to make up for the disappointment by heading to the Europa League and making a solid run in the second-rate competition, even by winning it, they would only collect a total of 20 millions.

On the other hand, reaching the Champions League group stage next season is of paramount importance, as it would provide the club with 50 millions at the very least.

Otherwise, the management will probably be forced to downsize the project even further.