The first Leonardo Bonucci dNFTs will be minted today by OWNIC.

They are creating a platform that combines gaming and digital collectables to form dynamic non-fungible tokens (dNFTs.)

The difference between theirs and the popular static NFTS is that their token isn’t fixed.

A report on Football Italia reveals Bonucci is one of several sports stars who have partnered with OWNIC, and we could see more Serie A players getting their dNFTs minted soon.

This is one way the players are keeping up with the surrounding trends, while also concentrating on their football careers.

Juve FC Says

This seems to be Bonucci’s personal business and Juve will hope it doesn’t distract him from playing football.

The defender is approaching the end of his playing career, and it is understandable that he is now focusing on some off-field business.

However, we still need him to be in his best form for the remaining years of his career at the club.

The centre-back will miss our game against Sampdoria through injury, but we hope he gets back to full fitness by our next match.

Gleison Bremer will be partnered by either Daniele Rugani or Federico Gatti, but Bonucci is a class better than all of them.