Once upon a time, Raffaele Palladino was a young player trying to carve himself a place at Juventus. While the forward had his contributions between Serie B and Serie A, he didn’t truly leave a major mark in Turin.

Nonetheless, the radiating Monza manager is proving to be a brilliant tactician in his maiden Serie A campaign, and he’s helping a Juventus youngster sharpen his skillset so he the latter can go on and enjoy the type of success at the Allianz Stadium that Palladino himself couldn’t achieve.

The 39-year-old never misses an opportunity to heap praise on Nicolò Rovella. The young midfielder is gaining major plaudits for his performances on Monza.

Last night, the Juventus-owned striker entered the pitch in the second half and helped Monza overturn the result and earn a 2-1 win over their hosts Sassuolo.

Therefore, Palladino was thrilled by the young man’s “extraordinary” display, labeling him as the future of the Italian national team.

“I often talk to Rovella, he’s a good boy. I dote on him and I’d like to give him something that remains with him for the rest of his career,” said Palladino in his post-match interview with Sky Sport via JuventusNews24.

“The gratification of a coach is to leave something with the player. I would like him to remember me one day for a good reason. I often give him advice on what to improve and where. He can improve a lot.

“He made an impact from the bench. His growth path also passes through benches and substitutions.

“He’s extraordinary, the future of the national team. I complimented him at the end of the match. With this mentality, he can really achieve great things.”