The Covid pandemic has had a massive toll on football clubs all over the world with many of them, including Juventus, posting significant losses and it is going to take some time for most of these clubs to bounce back to a stable financial footing.

Clubs with a global appeal like Juventus will have a better chance to recover, they have fans everywhere, whether they are in Asia reading or in America eating Buffalo Wings, they will still be following Juve and that will continue to make them a perfect vehicle for sponsorship deals and such like.

If there is one positive that can be taken from the pandemic it is that clubs will have to be more careful with how they are spending their money. Huge transfer fees like the near £100 million they paid for Ronaldo or the ridiculous wages that they pay mediocre players like Aaron Ramsey will hopefully be curtailed.

Juve do not have Middle East owners with unlimited state funding like PSG or Man City and will have to be self-sufficient to some degree and that is not such a bad thing, in fact, it should work in the club’s favour.

Clubs that can generate significant income will be in a much better position than clubs that struggle in that regard. For example, Lazio is nowhere near as popular as Juventus on the world stage and that means that Juve should always generate more money because they have far more global appeal.

This should always be the case regardless of where the respective teams finish in the league.

Another factor to consider is player recruitment and again, regardless of what sort of season that Juventus experience, they will always be more attractive than most of their Serie A rivals.

Obviously, good management is crucial and not just on the pitch. The big bosses in the boardroom have to do their job as well, no point the players doing it on the pitch if the money men running the club fail to generate as much money as possible.

It is not a good time right now, the club is still losing money and likely to give up the Scudetto after a series of poor results but at least Juve is well placed to bounce back faster than most of the nearest rivals and we should see the benefit of that in future transfer windows, maybe not this summer or even next winter but it will happen, that you can take to the bank.