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The importance of finishing third and winning the Coppa Italia from a financial perspective

May 3, 2022 - 2:30 pm

After securing their spot in the Champions League next season, Juventus no longer have much to play for in the final three rounds of the Serie A campaign.

The Bianconeri are realistically out of the Scudetto race, but could still improve their position by landing a place at the podium.

Max Allegri’s men are currently fourth in the table, trailing Napoli by one point. The southerners also have the head-to-head advantage, which means that the Old Lady will have to gain two extra points over their rivals to land in third.

But aside from the morale aspect and the prestige, how much is it worth for the club to finish third in the league from a financial perspective?

According to la Gazzetta della Sport, Juventus would gain 20.8 million euros by finishing third. That’s 16.8 millions from Lega Serie A prize money, and 4 millions from the Champions League’ market pool allocated to Italian clubs.

On the other hand, the Old Lady would gain 16.2 millions (14.2 plus 2) by finishing fourth. Hence, finishing in third position in the league table would earn the club 4.6 extra millions.

Moreover, Juventus will also play Inter in the final of the Coppa Italia on May 11. The source adds that the cup winner earns 2,8 million euros, while the runner-up receives 1.2 millions.

Therefore, the Bianconeri still have more than 6 million euros to play for between now and the end of the season.

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