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The Italian government refuses to allow stadium capacities to return to 75%

February 4, 2022 - 11:45 am

Serie A stadiums are expected to remain at 50% capacity for the rest of this month.

The stadiums started this campaign at 75% capacity, but the fast-spreading omicron variant of covid-19 forced the Italian government to reduce that.

Before the international break, the capacity was pegged at 5,000 to curb the sharp rise in covid infections.

The stadiums will now return to 50% of their capacity, according to Football Italia.

However, the report claims the clubs had been lobbying for the capacity to go back to around 75% as it was at the beginning of the campaign.

They would now have to wait until next month before they try to convince the government of an upward review again.

Juve FC Says

Sadly, covid is having such an impact on Italian football right now.

Other countries like England have increased their crowd capacities, and it is helpful to their clubs in terms of generating revenues.

However, it is the safety of the citizens that is most important to the government now, and it is hard to fault that.

If everyone can follow the rules and get vaccinated, we will probably stop worrying about the virus soon.

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