Juventus’ Allianz Stadium is among the grounds FIGC has submitted to UEFA to host games during Euro 2032.

Italy wants to host the competition then and must show why it should be given the right to do so.

Part of their pitch is to show the grounds that will be used. If they are old, they would be renovated and new stadiums could also be built for the event.

Juve has one of the finest stadiums in the country and Tuttojuve reports the Allianz Stadium is part of the grounds the FIGC has chosen to host games as they submitted their final bid dossier.

Juve FC Says

The Allianz Stadium is one ground Italy is proud to have in their country and it was almost certain it would be chosen for the competition.

If the Euros come to Italy, it will be great for all the clubs in the country and Juve could benefit from it as well.

Hopefully, by then, we will be league champions and return to dominating the competition. 

We can see signs of progress in the team already. If it is maintained, we could even win the league next term, but for now, we need to focus on finishing this season in the best possible manner.