Unfortunately for Paul Pogba and Juventus, their reunion began on a sour note as the player sustained a serious injury during a training session while touring with the club in the United States.

The Frenchman has now returned to Turin in order to fix the issue. However, the medical staff remains reluctant on how to proceed with the rehabilitation process.

According to Calciomercato, Pogba was scheduled for a consultation with professor Sonnery Cottet-Bertrand in Lyon on Saturday, but his appointment has been postponed until next week.

In the meantime, the source believes that three hypothesis are on the table. The first would be saturation, which should remove the issue from its roots. While this is arguably the best long-term solution, the recovery time could see the midfielder missing out on the World Cup.

The second option is an operation that removes the meniscus fragment. In this case, the player would be expected to return in two months, just in time to take part in Qatar 2022.

The last option is avoiding the operation altogether and instead treat the issue with therapy. This would allow Pogba to make a swift return, but it remains an unguaranteed solution.

The next few days should be decisive in terms of making a final decision on the matter.