Alex Sandro commented on the change in mindset at Juventus during halftime of their game against Napoli.

The Bianconeri won the match 2-1 and their fine start helped them to win the game.

The good start earned them the first goal of the game thanks to some beautiful bit of skill from Federico Chiesa, which set up the opener for Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Bianconeri had been struggling with poor form before the game and that had cost them wins against Benevento and Torino and is one reason they were knocked out of the Champions League.

They needed a response to their upsetting 2-2 draw against Torino and started the game like they meant business.

Sandro was interviewed at the interval and he was asked what had changed in their performance, compared to the previous games.

He said their mentality and desire had changed because they now know that they cannot afford further slip-ups.

He said via Tuttojuve: “In my opinion, the mentality has changed, the desire. We have understood that we can no longer make mistakes; in this match we have to do even better in the second part to get the victory.”