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The playoff returns to Scudetto after FIGC approval

June 29, 2022 - 10:30 am

FIGC President Gabriele Gravina has finally had his wish, and there could be a playoff for the Serie A title from the upcoming season.

Gabriele has been pushing for the change for some time now, and he believes it would make a title race more interesting.

Football Italia reports that the Federal Council met yesterday and approved the idea.

This means if two clubs are level on point at the top of the Scudetto table, both of them will play a game to determine the winner.

The playoff fixture will have no extra time, so in the event of a draw, the teams will head straight to penalties.

There will only be a playoff when the top two sides are level on points. If two clubs vying for a European place are level on points, their final spots will be determined using the head-to-head records as it is now.

Juve FC Says

The playoff idea makes the league much more interesting, but we might not see it happen anytime soon.

The Serie A title has recently been won by clubs who have a clear points lead at the top.

Juve will hope they can win the title without needing the playoff because that extra game could be classed as a penalty shootout because it can go either way.

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