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The referee in charge of Inter Milan vs Juventus speaks up

October 27, 2021 - 11:15 am

Juventus’ match against Inter Milan at the weekend wasn’t short of controversial moments with Juve’ late penalty called into question.

The referee at the centre of the controversial decisions has finally spoken up and insists that he is not permitted to make comments about the game.

Maurizio Mariani had originally not awarded the penalty to Juventus, but VAR intervened to give it and when asked by Le Iene as reported by Calciomercato, he said:

“You know perfectly well that we cannot talk – he replied. You have to talk to my association. I cannot make statements, we have internal rules. If you pass through the association we can talk. There are people in charge who can do it, if you pass through the institutions.”

Juve FC say

The fixation of some fans and pundits on the controversial moments of the game is now ridiculous.

There will always be controversial moments in games, and this is just one of several fixtures.

However, it seems when Juventus is involved, everyone wants to make it look like they always get preferential treatment.

It is good to see that referees are banned from making comments about their own decisions after the game has ended.

I hope everyone can now rest and move their focus to the next Serie A matches, which shouldn’t be short of controversial moments as well.

Hopefully, Juve would not provide pundits and other fans another one to discuss after this game week.

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