The European Super League (ESL) continues its legal battle with UEFA and is poised to initiate legal proceedings against the European governing body.

Following the contentious announcement of the ESL as a formidable rival to UEFA’s Champions League, UEFA vehemently opposed the establishment of the new competition. This opposition was bolstered by support from various governments and governing bodies worldwide, which exerted pressure on clubs to withdraw their backing for the ESL.

Consequently, the protagonists of the ESL incurred financial losses, with only three clubs—Juventus, Barcelona, and Real Madrid—maintaining steadfast support for the initiative. However, Juventus has since retracted its endorsement of the ESL concept.

In the wake of a recent court ruling against UEFA’s perceived monopoly, a report from Il Bianconero divulges that the ESL proponents are preparing to pursue legal action against UEFA. The anticipated lawsuit seeks damages totaling at least 3 billion euros, attributing these damages to UEFA’s actions in response to the ESL’s initial launch.

Juve FC Says

The Super League is not our business for now, but we have to pay attention to what is happening between UEFA and its proponents because that could be very important in our decision to rejoin the breakaway competition or not.

For now, we have many more problems at home and must focus on solving them and becoming the top club in Serie A again.