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The victory came with effort and pride” Pirlo reacts to Juventus’ win over Udinese

May 2, 2021 - 10:30 pm

Andrea Pirlo has remained positive as ever after his Juventus team beat Udinese 2-1 today.

Juve went into the game needing to win at all cost and they did just that, but they have Cristiano Ronaldo to thank after falling behind yet again.

The former Italian champions have made things hard for themselves in most of their matches this season.

They start the games slowly and then fall behind, only to score the leveller and sometimes the winning goal.

They followed the same script in this game and it nearly didn’t turn out to be the perfect day for them.

Udinese defended their lead very well and it took a penalty to get Juventus back in the game before Ronaldo scored another late goal.

Pirlo has always maintained a calm demeanour no matter how bad his team has played and was the same after the game.

He spoke to Journalists and said they had to do more work to get the win after falling behind in the game.

He told Sky Sports via Calciomercato: “The victory came with effort and pride, it is important for the results of the afternoon. We had complicated our lives by giving away a goal, but we wanted to bring home the result until the end.”

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