Can you imagine the Champions League without Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona? Well, UEFA are certainly contemplating the idea.

Since the infamous European Super League announcement in April, the organization has been in an open war against the Old Lady and her two Spanish allies.

Although twelve clubs took part in the announcement, the six Premiere League sides backed out in less that 48 hours, followed by Milan, Inter and Atletico Madrid.

Nonetheless, the Bianconeri and the two giants from La Liga are refusing to back down much to the dismay of Aleksander Ceferin.

UEFA had already threatened to ban the trio from all European competitions, although it will be shooting itself in the foot with such decision.

Nevertheless, the organization continues to tease its unpleasant plans, and has now released an intro video for the Champions League that completely excludes Juventus, Barcelona and Real, according to ilBianconero.

This montage is the one that is displayed before every UCL match, and it usually contains shots for the biggest clubs and stars in the tournament.

However, the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann and Luka Modric were all missing. Even Lionel Messi was nowhere to be found in the clip – although he could be added later on, once he starts playing for his new club, Paris Saint Germain.

Whilst it’s unlikely that UEFA takes important measures against the three rebels before the start of the tournament, this latest gesture suggests that this battle will rage on for quite some time.