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The Week in Black and White

– Welcome folks, to an all new feature for Juvefc.com – The Week in Black and White. Many years ago, when the site was still hand coded in HTML, i wanted to create a feature that covers all the Juve news from the week in a handy digest. Due to the limited software available, it was always difficult to try and create that format in the old version of Juvefc.com.

With all the recent changes, I’ve installed some new plugins and finally created a format that i think is worthy of the site. Every week, i’ll aim to round up all that is happening in the Juve world and place it here. We’ll have updates from the club and players, quotes, videos and reviews, the latest news and of course all the latest transfer rumours that are doing the rounds.

Sit back, put your feet up, and let me take you through the last week in Black and White.

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