Former Italian coach Arrigo Sacchi has once again taken a subtle swipe at Juventus manager Max Allegri, critiquing his managerial style and approach to the game.

Sacchi’s comments imply that Allegri’s coaching methods may not be as exciting and dynamic as some other contemporary coaches, particularly in an era where many teams employ high-pressing, attacking football.

Allegri has often been associated with a more defensive-minded approach, which proved successful in winning several trophies during his initial tenure at Juventus. However, Sacchi suggests that this tactical preference could be limiting the impact of attacking and technically gifted players within the team.

Sacchi said as reported by Tuttomercatoweb:

Usually, Max’s teams have a clear supremacy in the defensive phase, leaving the attacking action to the individual players’ inventions. If these individuals find their way to the goal, all is well. However, if they struggle or are unavailable due to injury (for example, Pogba), the team lacks a plan B, and this is a serious problem.”

Sacchi’s remarks highlight a difference in football philosophies and preferences, hinting at his belief that a more attacking-minded approach could benefit players with offensive prowess and technical skills.

Juve FC Says

Sacchi has a good managerial CV and qualifies to criticise Allegri, but the people whose opinion matters the most are the club’s owners.

If they are happy with the coach, then he is in a good place and his job is secured.