Federico Chiesa was arguably the best player at Fiorentina before he joined Juventus at the start of the season, but he has just admitted that even more is demanded from him now that he plays for the Bianconeri.

The attacker has just scored two goals for Juve in their 3-1 win over AC Milan, which has helped them get back into the title race.

He was arguably Juve’s best player on the night, as Cristiano Ronaldo uncharacteristically suffered from poor form.

He was speaking to Sky Sports Italia via Football Italia after the game and claimed that scoring his goals came about as a result of putting in consistent performances, even when he doesn’t score.

He said: “More than anything else, it’s the continuity of performance, 

“Even if you don’t score, you must play well, you have to give everything.

“And the goals are the result of this. The coach asks me to throw myself into the spaces because players like [Paulo] Dybala and Cristiano [Ronaldo] see things that the others don’t.”

He then adds that he has felt a greater responsibility to deliver since he has been at Juventus.

“They ask for something more from you,” Chiesa said. “The responsibilities are greater. I’m always generous on the pitch, I always try to help the team even in defence.

“I’m very happy, because in the first half, when they attacked us, the team suffered together.

“Today is a great collective result, we are really happy.”

The Bianconeri will hope that he continues his fine goalscoring form, which will help them get goals from another player who isn’t Alvaro Morata or Ronaldo.

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