Following a depressing start of the season, everyone at Juventus is beginning to feel the heat. If the angry whistles at the Allianz Stadium weren’t obvious enough, the Bianconeri supporters won’t go easy on anyone who doesn’t prove his willingness to fight for the cause.

The fans and observers alike were left surprised by the Old Lady’s current position in the table. Following the opening day draw at Udinese and the shocking home defeat against Empoli, Juve have only garnered one point in the first two rounds of the season, and they are already trailing Inter, Milan, Roma, Lazio and Napoli by five points.

However, Max Allegri’s mentor, Giovanni Galeone somewhat expected a slow start for the Bianconeri, perhaps due to the information he received from his former pupil concerning the status of the players.

“I didn’t expect a single point for Juve in these first two days of the season. After Juve’s first half in Udine, I thought Allegri had solved the Bianconeri’s problems, but obviously this is not the case yet,” the former Udinese manager told Radio Kiss Kiss via ilBianconero.

“Juventus have many strong players who have been in the squad for years. Allegri has revealed to me that he has to work hard with his staff on the players. The backbone of the team has been the same for a while but the players have played in recent years with such different football ideas to the point where they’re almost lost.

Galeone feels that Juventus must revert to their old playing style, as he’s obviously not a fan of playing from the back which has become a regular feature in the modern game.

“Juve must go back to being feared, as they were in the past. When they used to be ahead by two goals, they closed the games mentally to the opponents who were already thinking about the next round, almost without trying to reassemble, because with Bonucci and Chiellini on the pitch and Allegri’s organization, you knew that you would hardly get the chance to come back

“The problem with Juventus players today is that the horse wants to be the standard bearer. Everyone wants to play in his own way, so Max needs much more time.

“If the evolution of football means that we have to start the play from behind with the ball at the goalkeeper’s feet, and all these rubbish notions, then I’m with Allegri. This is not exactly the evolution of football.”

Finally, the retired manager revealed that Allegri already knew that Ronaldo was planning to leave the club this summer, and the coach had accepted that decision, as he wants to build for the future.