Even though Max Allegri is notorious for his unwillingness to thrust young players into action, he made an exception for Mattia De Sciglio back in 2011. The tactician gave the fullback his senior Milan debut despite being a teenager at the time.

The two men then reunited in Turin in 2017, but the 29-year-old had his fair share of ups and downs since joining Juventus.

Last season, De Sciglio spent his campaign on loan at Olympique Lyon before rejoining the Bianconeri squad upon Allegri’s return last summer.

Nevertheless, the Italy international cherished the opportunity of playing abroad, believing it was an eye-opening experience which changed his perspective on the sport.

The versatile fullback explains how playing football in French is less stressful than in Italy, as young players are allowed to commit mistakes and learn than getting berated by fans and observers alike.

“In Lyon it was truly a real life experience and a choice that I would repeat a thousand times,” said De Sciglio in an interview with L’Equipe via ilBianconero.

“I had a great time. I learned to play faster football, where even small teams believe in their chances, rather than just defending.

“Today I have more confidence in my abilities and I’m also back to have fun playing.

“In Italy we are overwhelmed every day by the pressure of the media and the fans. In France, once the game is over, even following a defeat, you think about the next without too much stress. Football is lived more serenely.

“I want to send a message to the Italian players: many are afraid of going abroad, but it’s a shame. These are experiences that enrich you.

“Abroad, young people are ready before us to play important games. I saw it in France. Young talent in there are courageous, they’re not afraid to try one-on-one because mistakes are allowed.

“A young Italian instead is praised at the first good match, only to be massacred for his first mistake.” He concluded.