Juventus is considering sending out Tommaso Barbieri on loan during the summer transfer window, with the aim of providing the young player with valuable first-team experience.

Barbieri is regarded as one of the promising talents in Juventus’ Next Gen team, and the club believes he has the potential to become a future star. While he has had a few opportunities with the senior squad, it is evident that he is still in the early stages of his development and would benefit from further nurturing.

The club is eager to expedite his progress by ensuring he gains valuable playing time and experience. Several clubs have shown interest in securing his services, as reported by Tuttojuve. Genoa, Empoli, and Cremonese are among the clubs interested in signing him on loan for the upcoming season.

Each of these clubs offers Barbieri the opportunity to play regularly, and Juventus will need to assess and determine which option would be best for his development.

Juve FC Says

Barbieri is one of the finest youngsters coming through at the club and the most important reason we should send him away is that he will get the game time he needs to develop.

If none of these teams can guarantee that, we can keep him so he can keep training with our first team.