Atalanta, Verona and Cagliari have asked for Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan to be excluded from Serie A because of their participation in the European Super League.

The trio are the Italian teams who accepted an invitation to form a new European competition that the founding teams would lead.

Being one of the 12 founding members of the competition guarantees the yearly participation of the Bianconeri and they won’t have to stress about finishing inside the top four as they are doing at the moment.

After the news broke that the Italian teams joined the effort, Repubblica via Calciomercato reports that the three teams asked for the Italian sides to be excluded from Serie A immediately.

If that happens, Atalanta would be the top team in the competition and they would be on course to win an unlikely league title this year despite Inter Milan’s best efforts so far.

UEFA and Lega Serie A are expected to meet separately soon to determine how to respond to the teams threatening to break away.

It would be tough on Serie A without their biggest teams in the competition, but it would also be hard on the breakaway teams because they will not have enough games to play in a calendar year.

This is shaping up to become an interesting civil war and we will provide updates as they come along.