This afternoon, Juventus will revive an old tradition following a three-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the first time since 2019, Villar Perosa will host a friendly match between the club’s ranks.

The small Piedmont town has always been associated with the Agnelli family which owns a large estate in it and serves as the host of the yearly pre-season event.

So here are three things to expect from Thursday’s friendly match.

Exciting Contest

Traditionally, the match used to feature the Bianconeri’s first team and the Primavera squad (U-19). But following the inception of the club’s U-23 squad, the latter has replaced the Primavera.

So with a more established opponent across the field, the action should be more exciting in comparison to the past, even though Max Allegri’s men remain the unquestionable favorites.

Glamorous Spectators

Since we’re talking about an Angelli-owned estate, we can always expect the big figures to be present. After all, they’re the ones hosting the event.

Naturally, club president Andrea Agnelli will be in attendance, and the same goes for his cousin John Elkann (the club’s patron), and perhaps even the notorious yet beloved Lapo Elkann.

Crowd Invasion

For those of you hoping to witness 90 minutes of action, don’t get your hopes too high, because as the tradition goes, the crowds in attendance usually storm into the pitch sometime during the middle of the second half in order to grab themselves some souvenirs, bringing a pre-mature end to the encounter