The sale of tickets for Juventus’ visit to Napoli on the 11th of this month has resumed after it was suspended.

The high-profile game which will be played just after the international break had been considered high-risk by the Observatory of Sporting Events and the sale of tickets was suspended on Thursday.

However, Napoli has just released a statement on their website which claims they have been given the go-ahead to resume ticket sales.

But the high-risk nature of the game means that only fans who have a voucher or a fidelity card can purchase tickets from today.

It means a number of fans will be denied the chance to get tickets for the match.

Although it isn’t their fault, the Partenopei feel sorry for the fans that won’t be able to watch the game.

The club statement reads: “The SSCN is pleased to announce that the National Observatory on Sporting Events has specified with a note that it is possible to proceed with the sale of coupons for holders of vouchers and fidelity cards only, for the Napoli-Juventus match scheduled for Saturday 11 September at 18.00 at the Maradona stadium.

“Departure is scheduled for 2:00 pm today, until Sunday 5th September at 11:59 pm for  voucher holders. From Monday 6 September at 10:00 the sale is reserved for all Fidelity Card holders, until a definitive decision by the National Sporting Events Observatory

“While having no responsibility for what is happening, SSCN apologizes for the inconvenience with its fans and with all the fans who intend to attend the match at the Stadium.”

The match is one that Juve needs to win after their winless start to the campaign and it would be interesting to see if they can achieve that.