Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has thrown his support behind the European Super League and he is confident the idea will eventually succeed.

Juventus, Madrid and Barcelona are the clubs still supporting the idea and have employed A22 to help to redesign it.

Nine other clubs originally joined the idea but eventually dropped their support and are unlikely to leave UEFA again.

However, the protagonists are working hard to ensure the plan eventually succeeds and Kroos believes it is a worthy cause.

The midfielder said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“I think we will see this Superleague in the end. I am very excited and quite sure that many clubs that have turned around will also be much more open to this story. I am convinced that it really has great advantages”.

Juve FC Says

The Super League could succeed, but that success will take time because at the moment, fans suspect the main leaders of greed.

This is because of the first proposal and there is suspicion that the current protagonists will still have more say in the decision-making and will make more money.

For now, Juve has more important problems to deal with and we should not be involved in the Super League debate.