Juventus is the subject of an investment in capital gains and it is not the first time its actions have been under the microscope.

The Bianconeri are the biggest club in Italy and often make financial decisions that other clubs in the top flight cannot.

This causes envy, but it is not just the other sides who do not understand why they have so much financial power.

Authorities also watch them and often want to investigate their agreements on sales and even salary reductions.

They believe Juve did wrong with their accounting during the covid-19 pandemic and the club might have to clear its name soon.

The Italian journalist Tony Damascelli says they are going through these legal hurdles because they are an easy target.

He said via Tuttojuve

“Juventus is an easy target, the president’s surname is even more so, the tricoteuses in front of the guillotine are waiting to know by how many points the team will be penalized in the standings and the surname of those who will end up in jail. 

“The trial has already begun even before the defendants and judges enter the courtroom “.

Juve FC Says

These hurdles are not new to us and we will always come out on top at the end of it all.

Our executives have assured everyone that they have always done the right thing, which is what we needed to hear.

Our focus should be on performing better on the pitch as we struggle to get the right results in Europe and domestically.