The journalist Tony Damascelli has suggested Juve could be subjected to just a heavy fine in their salary manoeuvre case.

The Bianconeri are being probed after paying their players under the table during the covid-19 pandemic and lying that the stars have agreed to forfeit the pay.

The club is publicly traded and this information is important to the public as well as its shareholders.

The club has appealed the decision to deduct 15 league points from its total in the capital gains case and there is a belief that it will be reinstated.

If that happens, Damascelli believes they could also survive the salary manoeuvre case with just a fine.

He says via Tuttojuve:

“A picture that has been clear for some time but almost avoided by the judges. Ultimately, any acceptance with cancellation without postponement could also be linked to the salary manoeuvre. The same items report that one of the most likely solutions is the plea bargain with a fine of 24 million euros.”

Juve FC Says

It is very important that we do not suffer any more penalties this season in the form of points deduction as we look forward to ending the campaign well in the league.

The boys have worked hard this season and deserve all the points they have earned, so a fine on the club is a much better option than deducting points.