2-0 is the most dangerous score in football. Just kidding, that old adage probably doesn’t apply here. I mean, Trabzonspor are certainly capable of shocking Juventus, but seeing as how one goal for Juventus basically clinches the whole tie (since Trab did not score any away goals) I doubt that Trabzonspor have the quality to beat Juventus by a 3-0 or 4-1 scoreline. Though there are few things as dangerous as a dog backed into a corner.


The big news for Juventus heading into this game is the injury to Kwadwo Asamoah. Asa is definitely out of the Trabzonspor match (although he would have likely been on the bench) and his status for the game against A.C. Milan is still up in the air. Aside from that, there are no new injuries. However you can expect to see a very similar line up to the one you saw last week.

The three centerbacks are being reported as Leo Bonucci, Martin Caceres, and, Angelo Ogbonna. All three played last week and had fine performances, especially as they got very little support from the wide defenders. You can expect that to happen again as both Mauricio Isla and Federico Peluso are expected to start. Isla wasn’t so bad last week, and Conte doesn’t have many options at LWB with Asamoah out and Paolo De Ceglie in Genoa. I still miss you, DJ Paolo.

The midfield has one expected change, Andrea Pirlo will be rested while Arturo Vidal will start. I quite like this decision for two reasons – the first and most obvious reason being that there is no reason not to rest Pirlo with the Milan game coming. Furthermore I quite liked seeing Claudio Marchisio in the regista role, so I am hoping he slots into that role tomorrow. It’s a nice luxury knowing that, barring more than one injury, your starting midfield is going to be pretty excellent regardless of the specific players starting.

Per usual the most interesting decisions come from the strikers. Pablo Osvaldo will start which is expected, and he will be partnered by Sebastian Giovinco. I guess this really is the best time to start Giovinco in a match, plus it gives Conte a chance to see the Giovinco-Osvaldo partnership for a decent amount of time. Hopefully that relationship will be a fruitful one.


Not much has changed for the Turks since last week. Souleymane Bamba and Flourent Malouda are still out with injuries, although they did record a 2-1 victory over Kayserispor over the weekend. I have no doubt that this is a result of the “Juventus Effect” and the Old Lady’s class and skill rubbed off on their Turkish opponents.

I don’t know if Trabzonspor will abandon their trusted 4-1-4-1 formation but they are almost surely going to have to try and attack Juventus throughout the 90 minutes. Coincidentally, neither of the two weekend goal scorers are expected to start. However, some have said that Paulo Henrique, their Brazilian striker, may start to help them attack throughout the match.

Trabzonspor have a huge task ahead of them, they need to hope their “12th man” can make a difference and they need to find a way to complete a task only Fiorentina  have done this season: score three or more goals against Juve in one match.

Bottom Line

I hate being overconfident in situations like this, because if something goes wrong I look like a complete asshole. That said, I can’t see how Juventus don’t win by a comfortable margin especially if Trab are constantly on the attack and thus leading themselves vulnerable in defense. Let’s say 3-1 for Juventus.