Another storm is heading towards the Juventus headquarters. A criminal investigation is currently investigating several transfer dealings conducted by the club in the previous seasons.

The Bianconeri have allegedly registered capital gains thanks to false accounting related to player exchanges.

According to Calciomercato, some of the deals conducted between the Bianconeri and Genoa are currently under investigation.

Last January, the Old Lady managed to sign one of the best young Italian midfielders in Nicolò Rovella, sending Manolo Portnanova and Elia Petrelli in the opposite direction.

However, the source believes that the deal has come under scrutiny due to potentially inflated transfer figures.

The total value of the operation reported by the two parties reached 35 million euros, but it is believed that the figures were overestimated in a way that allowed Juventus to register around 17 millions in terms of capital gains.

Moreover, the source mentions that the investigators are also looking at the transfer deals related to Stefano Sturaro and Luca Zanimacchia.

Juve FC say

With so many dodgy swap deals conducted during Fabio Paratici’s reign, one must wonder how Juventus will be able to prove their innocence.

The Bianconeri are therefore facing the threat of receiving a fine as well as a point deduction (although it could be a slight one).

Needless to say, this latest problem is the last thing the club needed at the moment.